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Pair of synchronized photocells series M90 slim fix version.

Standard power:    12/24V AC 50Hz - 12/24V DC
Absorption:    TX=19mA, RX=20mA
Operating temperature:    -20+55°C
Protection level:    IP55
Maximum distance in open field:    10 - 15 m
Maximun number of photocells synchronized:    2
Orientation angle:    -
Relay contacts max current:    0,5A RX
Relay contacts max voltage:    30V
Installation Type:    External
Maximum dimension product in mm (L x W x H):    110 X 35 X 24
Product weight packed (Kg):    0,2
Number items per pallet/box:    20
Predisposition for standard installation

Size in cm: Lenght: 15 - Widht: 10 - Heigth: 5

Size in cm: Lenght: 14 - Widht: 22 - Heigth: 7

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