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Installers that work with an amazing passion

Becoming an authorized Installer Roger Prime, means to bring with pride and passion the brand "High professional installer" and therefore operate in the market with a great passion and experience giving a strong proof of competence and professionalism.
For Roger Technology this means to start a program of protection for all final customers, that thanks to our philosophy, can count on a network of installers who are able to offer an installation done in a workmanlike manner with the products and the appropriate accessories.

Why is it important to become an authorized installer Roger Prime?

Roger Technology supports and maintains a constant dialogue with their operators, promoting their image towards potential customers and influencers, allowing them to work with the professionalism that the figure of our certified installer requires.

There are great advantages to being part of a group of professionals that thanks to a common passion,  believe in specialization, in the technological innovation and in the quality of the service offered.

Basically, bring the brand Roger Prime expects

  • Image: the brand "Brushless Expert" that promotes and makes recognizable to the market a group of specialized professional with common behaviors and dedicated technical clothing.

  • update: Inform about all the latest technical, commercial and marketing news through newsletters and mailing dedicated.

  • Training: The Training Center program foresees important meetings with all the operator members of our sales network, with the target to help the update and the professionality of the collaborators.

  • Technical support: First level of customers service to ensure our way of being close to those who work in the fie

  • Warranty: Thanks to the correct activation of the warranty, it is possible to obtain the extension of the warranty for the new systems installed.

  • Consulting: constant, professional and fast for all activities of pre and post sales

What are the qualities of the Authorized Installer Roger Prime?

  • He knows our products and apply the right technique of installation recommending the right solution based on the real needs of the customer.

  • He follows and carries out the works and installations with a great professionality (domestic, commercial and industrial).

  • He uses only Roger Technology products based on the range of products offered.

  • He uses just quality products and accessories related to the brand Roger Technology.

  • He keeps himself periodically updated in order to learn the new products thanks to the training courses (Training Center).

  • He promotes its brand image using the logo "Roger Prime".

  • He enjoys the special discounts promoted through Authorized Resellers Roger Technology.

  • He enjoys the Roger technolgoy promotions through the distribution channel.

  • He participates in our co-branding activities.