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Innovation, top notch mechanics and never-ending technological research are the elements that make Roger Technology a unique and different company. To tell the truth these are the elements for which our company was founded. This is also the reason why we do not like being called a producer but an Italian manufacturing company. 

Our company's results are extraordinary and are completely based on the value of incredibly innovative people motivated by passion. People who never give up, people who choose big challenges to avoid monotony. People who believe that any bright idea leads to a great change towards a great future.

Starting from our first day of work we immediately gave priority to the development and production of excellent, completely Italian mechanics, based only on top quality ferrous and non ferrous raw materials and guaranteed by impeccable production and surface treatment processes.

We learned to completely avoid mechanical transmission systems with plastic, Teflon or nylon and we put all our quality control processes under the microscope.

It was just a few years later, starting in the 1990s, that we created the first major step in our history, by implementing a real mass production line for completely robotised motors, thus becoming a reference outsourcer for major brands of the gate automation market.

The most strategic moment in the life of our company came around 2010 when Roger Technology became the absolute pioneer in the development of digital BRUSHLESS technology for gate motorisation with the development of the first digital BRUSHLESS motor and 24V DC low voltage digital controller. This was all presented at the international trade show in Stuttgart in 2012 where we generated quite a stir and showed the world our true value and immense talent. 

With the advent of the technology and 36V DC digital controllers, Roger Technology once again demonstrated its technological superiority to the professional installer market. We enjoy sharing everything we currently do with you, but above all it is important to us to explain that innovation is not a starting point for us, it is a continuous process towards the future.

Thanks for the past 40 years of fantastic work spent together

- Just like in “Cinderella Company Story” ELETTROMECCANICA FLORIAN was founded in a household garage with the aim of supplying repair and maintenance work for electric motors and systems. 

1983 - ELETTROMECCANICA FLORIAN became LA BITECNICA s.n.c. where the Florian brothers decided to completely abandon the repair and maintenance business and concentrate exclusively on mass produced electric motor windings for outsourced manufacturing. 

1993 - The first industrial plant was created at the current site of Mogliano Veneto where a production of more than 100,000 motors/month was reached and the mechanical production lines were completely robotised mainly aimed at supplying motors with all the mechanics.

2001 - The ROGER TECHNOLOGY brand was founded, all mass production for outsourcing was stopped and the production of Roger Technology brand products began with alternating AC 230V technology.

2009 - The digital revolution started with the production of 24V DC low voltage digital technology BRUSHLESS motors and with the development of digital controllers that allow total, elegant and safe automation management.

2017 - Roger Technology is currently a company with 5 Italian production sites, 4 in-house business units, and possesses more than 10,000 square metres completely dedicated to the total development and production of its 100% MADE IN ITALY solutions.

The near future will be written directly by our customers who decide to install our products and who adopt the digital BRUSHLESS technology and thus our simple and real passion.

A simple thanks from Dino, Primo and Renato Florian 

Roger Technology is currently one of the major players on a worldwide level in the sector of gates automation and priority vehicle automatic barrier systems, with a sales presence in more than 100 countries around the world. 

The company founded in 1981 by the Florian brothers is one of the most innovative and productive companies in the creation of digital BRUSHLESS technologies, relative total digital control systems and in the industrial production of applied mechanics.

The manufacturing processes are completely performed in the Mogliano Veneto (Treviso) plants, all with great passion and determination thanks to the work of an all Italian staff and highly trained for quality, care of the product and the customers who choose us.

The company's strategy is aimed at combining its own growth, through strong brand building with development of innovative, high quality, customer-driven technologies, through professional partnerships with the distribution channel and the same installer customers.