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With the new high speed line, digital HIGH SPEED, it is possible to open and close your gate at very high speed, with maximum elegance and more than doubling the decrease in waiting times of other operators for gate automation.

We are offering you the ideal solution for all installations that require very fast manoeuvre times, intensive use, maximum movement elegance and total safety during the movement and obstacle detection phases.


Faster speeds and shorter waiting times!
All of the new HIGH SPEED line lets you quickly, powerfully and reliably open a gate. They are 100% faster compared to the traditional speeds for motors with 230V AC or 24V DC technology.

Dynamic accelerations and decelerations!
Thanks to the new 24V or 36V digital controllers it has become fast and simple to set different types of accelerations and decelerations during the opening and closing phase of your gate. And always guaranteeing the maximum elegance and safety.

Digital obstacle detection!
The ultra powerful Native Encoder onboard the digital technology and the brand new motor power control in SENSORED technology, make it possible to detect any type of obstacle with maximum safety, setting the speed, motor torque, sensitivity and operator reaction time during the detection phase for possible obstacles.

Total safety from the point you want!
In order to guarantee maximum safety and maintain high speed performance, the new digital controller offers the possibility of configuring door opening and closing from the point where you want to start deceleration and setting the type of deceleration, its speed and the relative sensitivity that you want.

Brushless High-Speed digital technology tailored to your business sector!