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Keypad selector with 12 digit numbers, 4 channel, built-in.

Power line supply:    (decoder) 24 V AC-DC; 12 V DC: H85/DEC
Absorption:    20mA
Operating temperature:    -10°C + 55°C
Protection level:    IP54
Number of users codes storable:    500
Maximum number of digits per user code:    6
Minimum number of digits per user code:    3
Maximum number of wired keyboard:    4
Number of outputs available:    4 of command; 1 of alarm
Type of enable outputs:    Deadman (continue until you release the key)
Type of output:    Relay, pure contact
Maximum power commutable (except light bulbs):    60VA/24W 1A
Delay on relay activation:    100ms
Maximum length cable from interface to keyboard:    100m (two-wire section cable 0.5mmq)
Backlight keyboard:    6 white LEDs, two levels of intensity
Installation Type:    Built in
Maximum dimension product in mm (L x W x H):    75 x 77 x 60
Product weight packed (Kg):    0,2
Predisposition for standard installation

Size in cm: Lenght: 17 - Widht: 8.5 - Heigth: 6.5