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Roger Technology is a green customer centric company

In Roger Technology we always have a green thought turned to our production and our solutions that are developed by our staff and used by our customers. 
We use the word "Environment", becuase our main desire is to protect the working environment, the environment of the product and the external environment, in order to be an environmentally responsible company creating sustainable products.

For this reason, we are heavily investing inside our company, in the way that all our production processes are in perfect equilibrium with the environmetal impact, with the safety of our production staff, above all improving the benefits for the health and the safery of our workers.

To create a sustainable product for us it means to have a life motive
completely integrated in the culture of our company.



Basically this is what we are developing:

  • Creation and development of products with a production process that considers all the wastages in terms of energies, resources and product materials.

  • Development of a productive and logistic process completely internal and integrated, in order to reduce the internal and external costs of process and management.

  • To create and develop innovative technologies that can use sun and wind to safely move the automations we create without having to decrease the achieved performance or safety.

  • A proper management for the disposal and re-used of the production's waste 

  • Creating a sustainable product, that thanks to its low power consumption and easy installations, it is able to create a real advantage for the professional ane end-user customers.

  • Developing solutions and produts with low risk of environmental impact.

  • Makign sure that all our internal production staff has proper knowledge to do the job in responsible way and adequate to the envinromental policy..

  • Keeping a clear and true communication with all customers and workers about the environmental initiatives..

  • Creating a working environment and company atmosphere concentrated in the maximum valorization of the the know-how of our human resources, ensuring the same opportunities of treatment, growth and development.