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SYNUS, the new remote control with BI-CODE technology by ROGER TECHNOLOGY was born


The very modern shape, the small size and the ergonomic buttons define the new SYNUS. SYNUS represents the new design proposal of the remote family branded by Roger Technology.  

SYNUS is a universal control system, for residential, multi-dwellings, commercial and industrial locations. Thank to its easy activation and installation, SYNUS can be combined with all Rolling Code and Fixed Code radio receivers; for the latter, the “copy” function is guaranteed with the E80 and M80 series with 2 or 4 channels.
herefore, SYNUS can be used for existing installations as well. 

SYNUS is equipped with the innovative BI-CODE technology. This allows programming the SYNUS remote control with all Roger Technology radio receivers, for both Rolling Code and Fixed Code use, keeping the two codes in memory.  In this way, switching from one code to another, already stored in SYNUS is a matter of seconds: just follow the Led colour change procedure. 

The new SYNUS remote control was designed to ensure fast and intuitive battery replacement. Thanks to the single screw closing system with plastic interlocking hook, the remote control can be easily opened, without losing components. This way, the battery can be easily and quickly replaced. 

The NEW SYNUS brochure can be downloaded from the reserved area of our website www.rogertechnology.com/b2b in the "Catalogs and Brochures" folder.

Roger Technology

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