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ATTENTION: Some products, or KIT/SET compositions are previewed with updates of the future "catalog / list 2020". For the validity of the current products, please refer to the "catalogue/list 2019" which is also available in the reserved area.
Power line supply:    230V AC - 50Hz
Motor power supply:    24V
Power rating:    160W
Frequency of use:    Intensive use
Torque:    50 - 280 N m
Operating temperature:    -20+55° C
Protection level:    IP43
Reductor Type:    Irreversible
Manoeuvre speed:    1 - 1,9 Rpm
Opening time at 90°:    12-20 s
Limit switch:    Mechanical stopper in opening and closing
Encoder:    Digital native encoder SENSORLESS 48 PPR
Operating cycles per day (opening/closing - 24 hours no stop):    1900
Maximum dimension product in mm (L x W x H):    230 x 190 x 284
Product weight packed (Kg):    31,1
Predisposizione per l`installazione standard
Plate for fixing to post H23 series.
Gate pull bracket for series articulated.
Arms short for articulated motor.
Metallic wire length 3mt for release from outside.

Size in cm: Lenght: 35 - Widht: 23 - Heigth: 35.5

Compostion Set:

2 boxes - Size in cm: Lenght: 35 - Widht: 23 - Heigth: 35.5
1 box - Size in Cm: Lenght: 50 - Widht.:23.5 - Heigth: 16

SET BH23/284

SET Electromechanical articulated motor, BRUSHLESS, low voltage, super intensive use, with native encoder onboard, irreversible, ideal for swing gates with leaf up to 2.8 meters of length. with mechanical stopper in opening and closing and with standard version of short arms.