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SET R21/353

SET of 2 electromechanical underground motors 230V AC, irreversible ideal for swing gates with leaf up to 3.5 m of length. Standard version with 2 meters cable. Complete of foundation boxes with cold galvanized treatment, release system with standard lever and electronics kit.

230V AC
Residential sector
Commercial sector
Power line supply:    230V AC - 50Hz
Motor power supply:    230V AC
Power rating:    200W
Frequency of use:    30%
Torque:    300 N m
Operating temperature:    -20+55°C
Protection level:    IP67
Reductor Type:    Irreversible
Manoeuvre speed:    1,2 Rpm
Opening time at 90°:    19 s
Motor thermal protection:    150°C
Limit switch:    Mechanical stoppers
Encoder:    Optional as an accessory
Maximun opening:    105° (optional 125° - 360°)
Power supply cable length:    2m
Bearing on main shaft:    Standard
Maximum dimension product in mm (L x W x H):    345 x 224 x 144
Product weight packed (Kg):    67
Release system with european cylinder key.
Long release lever for underground.
Levers for opening up to 360° , with reinforced chain.
Release system with standard lever,reinforced steel version.
Levers for opening up to 103° - 90° turned - left.
Levers for opening up to 103° - 90° turned - right.
Pinion gear ¾ Z13 of adaptation in pinion combining ¾ Z16.
Module encoder for R21 series with 2 mt cable.
Levers for opening up to 125°.
Levers for opening up to 360°.

Compostion Set:

2 boxes - Size in cm: Lenght: 43 - Widht: 36 - Heigth: 18.5
2 boxes - Size in Cm: Lenght: 47 - Widht.:23.5 - Heigth: 16
2 Boxes - Size in cm: Lenght: 41 - Widht: 7.5 - Heigth: 5
1 box - Size in Cm: Lenght: 38,5 - Widht.:23.5 - Heigth: 16