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ATTENTION: Some products, or KIT/SET compositions are previewed with updates of the future "catalog / list 2020". For the validity of the current products, please refer to the "catalogue/list 2019" which is also available in the reserved area.
Max gate weight:    600 kg
Power line supply:    230V AC - 50Hz
Motor power supply:    230V AC
Power rating:    240W
Frequency of use:    50%
Thrust:    300N
Operating temperature:    -20+55°C
Protection level:    IP43
Reductor Type:    Irreversible
Manoeuvre speed:    9.5 m/min (0.16 m/s)
Motor thermal protection:    150°C
Incorporated condenser:    12,5 µF
Limit switch:    Magnetic
Onboard control unit:    H70/104AC
Encoder:    Optical
Type exit gear:    Z15/mod 4
Maximum dimension product in mm (L x W x H):    315 x 165,8 x 329
Product weight packed (Kg):    11,6
Number items per pallet:    44
Predisposition for standard installation
Predisposition for standard installation
Fixing plate with stay bolts and screws H30 series.
Kit magnetic limit switch for control unit H70/103AC, H70/104AC, B70/1DC, B70/1DCHP.
Galvanised steel rack 22x22x1000 module 4.
Galvanised steel rack 30x12x1000 module 4 with spacers and screws.

Pocket of 6 spacers (2,5 Cm) and screws.
Raised fixing plate for H30 series (+3,5 cm).
Signboard Automatic Opening".
Adapter plate with stay bolts and screws H30 series.
Adapter plate with stay bolts and screws H30 series.
Roger Technology nylon rack module 4 with 6 connectors L.1000.

Size in cm: Lenght: 35 - Widht: 23 - Heigth: 35.5


Electromechanical motor 230V AC irreversible ideal for sliding gates up to 600 Kg. with built-in control unit H70, optical encoder and magnetic limit switch.