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Malaga - Spain 

In a prestigious installation you need to put a prestigious swing gate and especially a motor that proposes and offers all the great advantages of digital technology.
We analysed the very impressive dimension of the gate, almost 13 metres long with two leaves 6.50 metres each and weighing 580 kg.
They need a lot of power and force but above all elegance and safety.

The unmistakable power of digital Brushelss

We have proposed and installed a Smarty 7 digital brushless motor with EDGE1 digital controller.
Thanks to this fantastic technology we have achieved fantastic performances, perfect and elegant movements and partial and total openings up to 120 degrees.
The 7500 Nm of the new brushless digital motor allow you to easily open the impressive doors and move everything with maximum elegance and a good speed.
Do not forget the very low energy consumption of the motor, which considering the important dimensions of the gate, does not use more than 65 W of power to move the automation.